Jason Carthen

Residential Sales Advisor

Taylor Street Realty Services

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About Jason Carthen

Jason Carthen is an Assistant Vice President of Business Development for Taylor Street Property Management and a Sales Advisor for Taylor Street Realty Services. Jason has been a Managing Member at Taylor Street's real estate investment assets since 2014. He has held roles as interior & landscape designer as well as project manager for multifamily and residential investment projects for Taylor Street Investments, LLC, and third-party clients.

Jason currently manages the business development activity for Taylor Street Property Management by finding new and different avenues to increase revenue while providing the highest level of client care. Through his creativity, management, marketing, and leasing, he has achieved some of the highest rents and tenant retention percentages in the marketplace.

Prior to Taylor Street, Jason was a paralegal in real estate for a boutique law firm, while also managing and redeveloping apartments part-time. As a paralegal, he focused on small business corporations, bankruptcy, family law, estate planning, probate, and trust administration.

Originally from Miami, Jason comes from a family of real estate owners and grew up leasing and managing apartments. He lives in Phoenix AZ and holds an Arizona salesperson's license, a BR61 contractor’s license, and a class A commercial driver’s license (CDL).

Jason offers his clients expertise in a diverse collection of management activities including tenant relations, vendor management, lease compliance, and negotiation. He expertly addresses issues involving property maintenance and repairs, tenant communication, and budget preparation. Jason’s commitment to the wellbeing of his clients, dictates his every decision, ensuring success for the owner and their properties.

For residential sales, Jason’s expertise in marketing, design, project management, and leasing allows him to be a full-service advisor to homeowners and residential investors. His work ethic, attention to detail, and dedication to his clients allow him to effectively execute at the highest level. With great care and enthusiasm, he will devote his efforts to finding that dream home to buy, creatively market your home to sell, or, if the determined, market and effectuate a lease of your residence.